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islands, Discover the cultural heritage of the Balearics


Always very nice to be surprised by a refreshing “travel” article that undescribes the beauty and authenticity of Menorca, Because Menorca has it all! UK Journalist george Semler of the Times on Line writes in his article of March 14, 2009:

‘For a completely different world, head to Menorca, the second biggest of the Balearic Islands, largely undeveloped and rich in Neolithic taulas (T-shaped stone monuments) and talayots (stone cones). Mahón, one of the main cities, was established as the island’s capital in 1722 when the British began their 80-year sojourn.

Four-storey Georgian town houses with sash windows still remain. The Scientific, Literary and Artistic Centre is filled with paintings and mementoes of Menorcan writers, poets and musicians, along with natural artefacts from seashells to stuffed birds. The Principal Theatre, built in 1824 as an opera house, is a miniature La Scala.

Menorca’s main cultural events are Mahón’s international opera week and the Capella DavÍdica concerts at the other main city Ciutadella, along with the summer organ festivals in Santa Maria Church, Mahón, and Ciutadella cathedral. Easter week in Mahón brings out spectral penitents, while in late June Ciutadella’s dancing horses perform in honour of St John the Baptist.
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