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The horse in pieces, what makes a horse to a horse of Pura Raza Menorquina? How is a Minorcan horse? More or less Baroque than an Andalusian or Lusitano? Which character has a Menorquin horse? Read the description below and you will find answers to all your questions. Still questions left? Easy… simply contact us.


Origin: The Menorquín originates from the island of Menorca, the Balearic islands, in Spain.

The (breed)name: The official name of the breed is “Pura Raza Menorquina” (Pure Breed Menorquina), abbreviated P.R.M. In Spain, however, one speaks of a “Menorca” (horse), although “Menorquín” is also used on the mainland of Spain or Menorquina. This last name, Menorquín or Menorquina, is also the most widely used abroad (France, Germany, Italy, etc.). This phenomenon is also seen with the Pura Raza Española, abbreviated P.R.E., also known as “caballo Andaluz” (andalusian horse), “Andaluz” (andalusian) “Caballo Español” (Spanish horse) or “Español”; in the Netherlands it is known as “Andalusiër” (Andalusian). The same applies to the Puro Sangue Lusitano, abbreviated P.S.L., and better known as the Lusitano.

Charachter: The Minorcan horses are very noble, warm-blooded, simple and rustic. They are brave, resistant, maneuverable and energetic and therefore used in different disciplines. The Menorquín is very intelligent, cheerful, and inquisitive and shows great natural ability for the reunion. Under the saddle, they are very serious and focused, even as several stallions are simultaneously ridden. The Menorquina horses are fierce and proud, although they are obedient and hard to offend. The Menorquina character and attributes, makes the experience always a pleasureable one and very rewarding for both horse and rider.


Head. The head is medium sized, long, gaunt and with a sub convex to straight profile. The ears are of average proportion and are narrow and with lightly convergent tips. The horse has got black round eyes, projecting socket and a bright look. The nostrils are oblique, wide and open. It has a square muzzle and an open cheek.

Neck. The neck is of average length and tends to be long and muscular, the upper edge is softly arched and it has a good, shallow seeting with the head and the body. It has a generous mane with strong hair.

Body. It has a long body, with discreetly arched ribs. The withers are long and tall. The back is of average length and muscular. The back-lumbar line is straight, rising to the backbones. The hindquarters of the horse are gently inclined and longer than it is wide. The root of the tail is low. The chest is well-proportioned. The belly is tight. The flanks are firm.

Forehand. he forelimbs are tall and all their radii long. The shoulder is long and oblique with intricate joints. It has long arm and forearm, and a lean, ample and long knee. The cannon bones are long, and its pasterns have good inclination and adequate length. The hooves are pigmented, solid and in proportion.

Hind legs. On the hindlimbs, the thigh and buttock are lightly muscled in proportion to the body. The legs are long, the hocks are broad, open and wide from the front to the back. The regions under tarsians joints have the same characteristics as the forelimbs.

Color. The Pura Raza Menorquina horses always have a black coat, whereby all shades of black are allowed. Any other coat color is excluded for the registration on the stud-book. Small white marks are permitted on the head (star) and limbs with elimination criteria.

Height. The Menorquina mares have an average height of 1.54-1.60 m. The Menorquina stallions have an average height of 1.62-1.65 m.

Weight. The Menorquin weighs approximately 500 kg

Behavioral Characteristics.The Menorca Horse is warm-blooded, noble, of good temperament, well be haved and easy to train that assures an excellent ride binomials.

Aptitudes. It is an excellent saddle horse suitable for all types of riders. It is able to adapt itself to different types of dressage with satisfactory resuls. It adapts well to advanced schooling. It is also useful for light harnessing.

Defects.The following characteristics will be considered disqualifying faults in this breed:

  • All the coat colours different to black
  • Height at withers less than 1.54 in males and 1.51 in females
  • Presence of sagging neck
  • Cryptorchidism
  • Monorchism (non accidental)

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