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Razza brava e bella



I nostrio amici cavalli

Italian people are really enthosiastic. Minorcan horses are getting really popular in Italy and that can be noticed at the famous "fiera Cavalli" in Verona, I thrully enjoy looking at the audience eacht time the Menorquin horses perform, so enthousiastic, letting their emotions go.... so Italian!

The italian magazine "i nostri amici Cavalli" saw again a good chance to pay some attention to this wonderful breed, the Pura Raza Menorquina horses. They have published an smashing article about the minorcan horses, full of passion and vitality, in two words:  "great article"!

The header of this article tells enough, "Menorquino, razza brava e bella"  translated: Menorquin a good and beautiful breed. The writer of the article emphasize it with bold coloured letters "il cavallo de la Festa", The horse of the fiesta.. a good opening of the article.

Obviously we did ask the publisher to get the article, with pictures of some of our foals, as PDF file, so that we could publish it on our press page , and share it with everybody online. We have also published this article on our  ISSUU account, where you'll find other interesting articles about the breed and our studfarm. hier you'll be able to read the article as PDF, it is in Italian :-), otherwise enjoy the pictures.




Jaleo, Menorquino in Olanda