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juni, the day of Sant Joan

A languid fatigue, children enjoy Medieval games down to the harbor, ring stabbing, embraced galloping again "Jaleo" through the alleys of the city, children petting the horses ‘sa capedeta" (touching the horse’s head) , there is a Mass at the Cathedral in the evening your breath will be taken away during the equestrian games, horses in full gallop, the crowd opens a passage synchronously, goosebumps ... we enjoy still a little bit, it’s the last night, soon will it be over

Morning starts very early at 08:00, just a few hours after we took farewell of the “caixer senyor" and the “caixer capella".

08.00 h The “fabioler” asks again for permission to gather all the riders. He follows the same protocol of the previous day. Once everyone gathered, then they go to a special area in the village, “es Pla” where the trials of medieval equestrian games skills are practiced, knows as “jocs de’s Pla”, games of es Pla:

  • Ring stabbing “ensortilla”. The riders have to gallop with a spear and stab it in a ring hanging.
  • embraced gallop “correr abraçats”, two horsemen in gallop must simultaneously embrace each other and if possible give each other a kiss on the cheek

There are many people present at the square and each time a rider and horse must gallop, this is indicated by the music of the flute and drum of the”fabioler”, the crowd know that they have to make a kind of corridor so that the horses can gallop safely through. During this morning trials, the youngest participants / riders try their luck.

When this games are finished, the cavalcade will go to the old town through the streets, alleys and squares again and everyone is back in party mood. The kids are back in the door opening, the horses go in some of the houses; again and again is a big “fiesta”. Then, the parade will bring the “caixer senyor” and the “caixer capella" to their homes and bring their horses to the stable. On foot they will pick up the "caixer capella" and "caixer senyor" (church), together with the band they go to the cathedral of Ciutadella, where a solemn Mass of Caixers in the Cathedral will be held. After the Mass, all the riders are invited at the the house of the “caixer capella”, all in accordance with the rules en the formals farewells.


all the riders are gathered again in accordance with the protocol, the horses parade rides again through the old town of Ciutadella, where the "caixer senyor" invites the town councillors to attend and preside the medieval games of “es pla”. The cavalcade follows a certain route and stops at a nunnery, where the "caixer senyor" greets the superior nun and asks for blessing. Then they descend to “es Pla” where the town councillors and the crowd await, where the medieval games are held, as in the morning trials:

  • Ring stabbing- “ensortilla”. The riders have to gallop with a spear and stab it in a ring. All the young lads in the crowd try to tackle the ring every time it falls out or is down. It is a real honour to put ring back into place. A silver spoon is the price for stabbing the ring
  • “Ses Carotes”- two riders galloping side by side, one is holding wooden shield with a colourful caricature on it. The other, breaks the shield with the feast or with a terracotta jar. The wooden pieces fall to the ground. All the lads in the crowd try to obtain a piece of wood, it's a very valuable relic of the festivity. It is a very difficult get a piece.
  • Embraced gallop “correr abraçats”, two horsemen in gallop must simultaneously embrace each other and if possible give each other a kiss on the cheek.

Once the games finish, there is the last "caragol" followed by the Corregudes de Sa Plaça and the Caragol de Santa Clara. Finally, there is the farewell on horseback to the "caixer capellà" and the "caixer senyor", the drink for the "caixers" and "cavallers" in the at the "caixer senyor's" home, the farewell on foot to the "caixer capellà", and the last piping by the "fabiol", that will mark the end of the fiestas

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