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Jannette & Sisco

Welcome to the studfarm “Het Soerhuis”!!

The first studfarm of Menorquina horses in the Netherlands! With great pride, we would like to introduce these beautiful horses to you.   On this website, in addition to an introduction and explanation of our stud farm, you will learn more about our vision, our horses and everything that we are able to facilitate.

You will also find invaluable and fascinating information about Menorquina horses, also known as Menorquín or Pura Raza Menorquina (P.R.M.). By clicking on the “The breed” tab, you will find a description of the Menorquina breed along with additional information on how these horses are used in Menorca and about their identity.

One of our main objectives is to help you become more familiar with the Minorcan breed, along with improving the breed, we are therefore already pleased that you are visiting our website. If you have never heard of these wonderful baroque horses, nor have had the pleasure of seeing one in person, then we invite you to “navigate” through the menu section of our website in order to enjoy the informative “material” that our site offers.

Who knows, maybe soon you will have a beautiful Menorquín in your horse stable!   We hope you visit our website again!

Francisco Fuster
Jannette Bijsterbosch

Studfarm “Het Soerhuis” gets a piece of Menorca a bit closer. As thoroughbred Minorcan people as we are, we obviously breed very proudly this magnificent (horse) breed, we are the first and only breeders of this Spanish horse breed in the Netherlands and in the neighbourhood of the adjacent countries. We’ll be more than glad to inform and advice you about these baroque horses, also known as the “black pearls” or the “black princes” of the Mediterranean.

The Menorquina horses not only walk on the rear legs; but they are indeed multifacetic, Just in case you are only a recreational rider, or you love dressage, classical or high school dressage, working equitation or you’d rather drive a carriage with them…. This toppers can it all. Read more here about the different aptitudes of this elegant and sober Minorcan horses

Studfarm “Het Soerhuis” has currently some very interesting Pura Raza Menorquina horses on sale, colts, fillies and some broodmares “aptas”. The young horses have been bred at our studfarm and therefore they have a very balanced horsenality, check the sale list here.

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Jannette & Sisco

Welcome to the studfarm “Het Soerhuis”!! The first studfarm of Menorquina horses in...
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